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Play menu

  • The Quickplay, Ranked and Custom Games menus have been replaced by a new unified screen.
  • The “Daily Playlist” features 4 modes, currently with 2 rotating modes and with Wipeout and Duel being always available.
  • “Community matches” features 12 community matches, with the “Server List” button showing all other matches in your selected datacenters, along with the “Create Lobby” button, and the “Lobby Key” button.
  • “Pickups” lists pickup matches that players can create using the default team mode settings and their desired join restrictions, concerning team size, parties, skill rating difference, number of matches played, and datacenter. Players can join up to 3 pickups at one time.
  • The skill ratings for each mode are calculated from both Daily Playlist and Pickup matches.
  • The matchmaking penalties previously applied to the Ranked queue are now applied to Pickup matches only.
  • Daily Playlist matches are backfilled if a player leaves during the match.
  • Daily Playlist and Pickup matches are only launched when a full match is found, then a single match is played (the matches are not continuous) with the option for a rematch at the end of the match if all players agree.
  • Daily Playlist and Pickup matches award XP, and there are XP challenges related to both sections.
  • Leaderboards are now exclusive to the Duel game mode.
  • The previous skill ratings haven’t been changed.
  • Previously, the shown rank for a player wouldn’t sink if the rank was Sentinel I or lower (not the internal skill rating used for matchmaking). Now, displayed ranks always match the skill rating brackets for each rank. https://liquipedia.net/arenafps/Diabotical/Ranked
  • There is now a button to join Warmup below the queue indicator.

Content service

  • It’s now possible for a map to be published in multiple modes without having to duplicate it. Multiple modes can be selected when creating the map entry and existing maps can be updated with the Update button in order to be available in additional modes or removed from certain modes.


  • Materials applied to blocks can now be rotated in 90º increments. The default bindings are “Numpad 7” and “Numpad 9” and can be changed in Settings-Controls-Editing.

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