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Update #1


  • Custom Game teams are now being set correctly as the slots indicate on the host’s perspective
  • Custom Game team size of 7 and 8 is staying as 7 and 8 in the dropdown choice instead of changing to 6 when selected
  • In Custom Game’s More Settings, the physics option “Air control” has been renamed to “Vintage” and there’s text for a future option called “Hybrid” which is not implemented yet (recent unreported change)


  • New circle jump icon on the G-Meter (recent unreported change)
  • The size of the avatars of the team on the right side of the screen has been fixed
  • The enemy team score not showing up has been fixed
  • The issues with ally and team scores when spectating have been fixed
  • Final scoreboard is showing up again

Visual changes

  • Smoke on rocket explosions no longer flickers (recent unreported change)
  • The Melee weapon is no longer clipping through walls and other objects
  • The Melee weapon’s first person animation is no longer being canceled when jumping or landing - note however that there is a new issue after firing it once
  • Forced team and enemy colors are now working correctly instead of depending on the order that players joined the server


  • On ca_gz_01, ca_pr_01, ca_prb_01 the decal bleeding has been reduced


  • Editpad now shows the final segment of the entity names (recent unreported change)

Update #2


  • In Custom Game it’s possible once again for the host to place themselves as spectator and start the game