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  • It is now possible to press a weapon keybind of a missing weapon or of the currently selected weapon to display a waypoint to its spawning location(s) - there will be an option to disable them soon
  • In team modes the names of players are now indicated below their avatars in the Ally and Enemy Players HUD elements
  • There is now a Spectator Item Timer HUD element that shows the current item respawn times for the major armors, Megahealth, and powerups
  • In the Final Scoreboard there is now a column that displays the time played for each player
  • Assists and Frags are now displayed at different font sizes to better distinguish them

Visual changes

  • The visibility range of stickers on eggbots has increased
  • Increased the size of the MacGuffin’s position indicator by 40%


  • Fixed incorrect first person firing sounds


  • Collision fixes to Frontier