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Visual changes

  • Eggbots, flags, ammo boxes, coins, powerups and weeballs are not affected by fog anymore so that they can be discerned better over long distances.
  • The visual appearance of the healing weeball’s field effect has been tweaked to fix a glitch and improve visibility of players in them.


  • Fixed severe stutters happening sometimes at the start of the first game of the session related to audio playback.
  • Fixed stutters related to environmental decals happening sometimes at the early start of a game.
  • Fixed micro-stutters related to environmental particle effects.
  • Fixed micro-stutter happening sometimes when a player comes into view for the first time. Further stability improvements are planned, in particular related to continuous game modes where players can join in the middle of the game.


  • Fixed an issue where redeeming the Free Halloween Goodies Pack would visually change your coin amount to 0, requiring a game restart for the number to be corrected.
  • Fixed the time limit for the rotating items in the shop.


  • In Monolith 2 spawns have been adjusted. Thank you to febreeze for his spawn visualizer.
  • Collision fixes to Skybreak.