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  • The Void cannon’s activator beam now has a bonus of 2 damage for consecutive shots hit, up to 10 consecutive shots where it will deal 50 damage on each consecutive shot after.
  • The Void Cannon’s ball speed has increased from 700 to 725
  • The Void Cannon’s ball fire rate has increased from one shot every 650ms to one shot every 500ms.
  • The Super Shotgun’s secondary fire now bounces twice.
  • Fixed the Super Shotgun’s secondary fire not bouncing on moving props.
  • Fixed the Super Shotgun’s secondary fire not triggering shootable triggers (props that act as buttons and/or doors for example) after having bounced once.


  • Improvements to the hit registration of the Void Cannon’s activator beam upon void balls.


  • In the Locker and in the Shop it’s now possible to rotate weapon models by holding left or right click and dragging your mouse to one side.



  • Fixed the weapon collision on a set of stairs in Wellspring. Thank you to dradik for the report.
  • Fixed the missing Void Cannon in the Brawl version of Alchemy. Thank you to Respa for the report.
  • Fixed some misaligned lights in Furnace. Thank you to PeenScreeker for the report.


  • Some new avatars from the Twitch drops avatar campaign have been added for streamers and their viewers.

-The Shop has been updated.