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  • The Void Cannon’s switch rate from secondary fire to primary fire and vice-versa has been slowed down.
  • The Void Cannon’s secondary fire has been decreased from 1 shot every 600ms to 1 shot every 650ms.
  • Fixed various issues when switching from a weapon with secondary fire to one without.
  • There are now separate binds for combined Zoom+Secondary Attack, Zoom, and Secondary Attack. Current players will now only have the Zoom function bound, and should bind either the combined key or the secondary attack key. New players will have the combined key bound.
  • Fixed the Void Cannon’s ammo pickup not awarding ammo.


  • Fixed the Void Cannon ammo pickup’s hologram not appearing after being picked up.
  • The Void balls now have a light to indicate their position relative to their surroundings.
  • The Shotgun Secondary Fire’s muzzle flash has been updated.
  • The animation of the Super Shotgun’s Old Timer skin has been modified to not overlap with the center of the screen during the reload.


  • Reduced the volume of the Void Cannon balls (released yesterday).
  • Fixed an issue where the Void Cannon’s beam would be silent when shot at low ammo. Thank you to OnimariO for the report (released yesterday).


  • Perilous and Kasbah have been added to the TDM and TDM Classic map lists in Custom Games.
  • Perilous now has a Void Cannon pickup below the Megahealth.
  • CTF versions of the Wee-bow Gold Rush maps: Cliffside Canyons, Qunai Peaks, and Titans Crossing have been added to the CTF map list in Custom Games.


  • Fixed the Void Cannon’s pickup notice not appearing.
  • Fixed the Void Cannon ammo’s pickup notice not displaying its name, only the icon.


  • The Learn menu has been updated with information about the new weapons.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from seeing the coin packs in the coin shop (released yesterday).
  • Fixed the 101st reward of the Season 1 Battle Pass not being visible without dragging the list to the right (released yesterday).
  • Updated Spanish from Spain, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian translations.


  • In the Locker screens in addition to holding right click and dragging to rotate the Eggbot, it can now be done by holding left click and dragging, with the exception of the stickers screen (where left click is used to add/select stickers).
  • Some new avatars from the Twitch drops avatar campaign have been added for streamers and their viewers.

-The Shop has been updated.