4 days ago - Trello - Direct link


  • In the Competitive menu Wipeout 3v3 has changed back to Wipeout 5v5
  • There are now UI notifications for certain events such as being disconnected from the server (recent unreported change)


  • The Powerup icon is now showing up correctly
  • The Powerup countdown now works correctly
  • The HP and Armor bars are now updated with more precision
  • The HP and Armor options of the Icon HUD element have been resized for better stroke support


  • When selected the heel enemy footsteps option in the Mods menu, no longer occasionally causes your own footsteps to sound like enemy footsteps (recent unreported change)


  • tdm_chateau has been updated, the Vanguard was removed (only one powerup now), the PnCR was moved to where the Vanguard was, a Shotgun to where the PnCR was, a Blue Armor to where the Shaft was, and the Shaft was moved to the bottom level of the Mega room
  • tdm_underbelly has been added, relative to b_underbelly it has a staircase that goes from the bottom of the Red Armor room to the middle level and some changes to the blue fan room
  • tdm_alchemy has been updated, the PnCR has been replaced by a Crossbow, the Red Armor room’s jumppads were replaced by lifts which can be used to lift jump up to the Crossbow platform


  • Some new Medieval props have been added