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  • Fixed an issue with zoom sometimes not correctly disengaging upon switching weapons when the settings “Reset zoom toggle when switching weapons”, “Switch fov and mouse weapon-settings as soon as bind as pressing” and “Toggle zoom” were all enabled. Thank you to ffslight for the report.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Switch fov and mouse weapon-settings as soon as bind as pressing” option not returning to your current weapon’s settings when switching to another weapon and cancelling that switch by pressing the current weapon’s keybind, before the full switch had been completed. Thank you to namastex for the report.


  • From now until November 10th, Bazaar, Furnace, Icefall, Sunken, and Bioplant have a new Halloween theme.


  • The Shop has been updated with Halloween items, including 2 variety packs each including a Melee weapon, and a Free Halloween Goodies Pack with 2 stickers and an avatar which everyone can get in the Shop. These Halloween themed items (which all start with the name “Halloween”) will only be available in the Shop from now until November 10th with the possibility of returning in future Halloween seasons. Additionally some other items will also be present on the shop and rotate every 2 days as usual, these have a chance to return to the shop in the near future. -Important note! The free Halloween Goodies Pack may seem like it removes all your coins, this is not the case, they are still associated with your account, restarting the game will bring them back.


  • From now until November 10th, the Menu backgrounds have a new Halloween theme.
  • The various options in the menus which contain sliders now have a triangle button which can be clicked in order to reset the option to its default value (the zoom sensitivity triangle button serves the different function of scaling your sensitivity based on focal length which depends on your sensitivity and FOV settings).
  • Fixed a missing name for the Rocket Launcher Digital Camo skin. Thank you to ChimneyGoops for the report.


  • Our official maps can now be loaded with “/edit” in order for editors to be able to learn and reference how specific things are achieved.
  • Pressing tab after typing “/map” or “/edit” in the console will now show a list of all available maps to load. Official maps will be shown in cyan and your versions of maps in the local filesystem will be shown in yellow with a “(local)” indication.
  • Loading a map in the editor that is named the same as an official map will now load the personal one and not the official one (if you have made changes to an official map you will still be able to play the correct version on the servers).
  • Some new Halloween themed decals and some recently added props are available if you search for “Halloween” in the Editpad.
  • Fixed an issue with the spawn’s direction line being hard to see. Thank you to Kaleido for the report.


  • The round count is now displayed in the HUD in Freeze Tag.

Post patch notes: -Earlier today when the Shop was updated there was an issue with 2 melee weapon skins being sold separately for the same price as the packs that included them (1000 coins), some people may have bought one of these and then the corresponding pack, in situations like that, those affected will be given 1000 coins back and they will own the contents of the pack, which includes the weapon that they bought separately (if you have been affected by this you should not need to contact us, it will be done on our end). -Note that if you see your coins going down to 0 after getting the Free Halloween Goodies Pack, that is only a visual problem, restarting the game is a current way to fix it.

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