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  • In Freeze Tag, when a player is frozen the Dodge has been changed to have 60% of its regular power.
  • In Freeze Tag, the friction has been increased so that frozen players slide 65% of what they used to.
  • In Freeze Tag, when a player is thawed by a hazard the respawn time will be 5 seconds.
  • In Freeze Tag, liquids that do damage now thaw frozen players.
  • In Freeze Tag, when a player with a powerup is frozen the powerup now drops next to the player.
  • In Freeze Tag, there is now a frozen icon waypoint on top of frozen teammates which is visible through the environment.
  • In Freeze Tag, there is now a frozen icon on the avatar of a frozen player in the Ally players and Enemy players HUD elements.
  • TDM Classic’s mercy limit has been reduced from 40 frags of difference to 35.

Content service/Editor

  • Saving a map in the editor will now generate a thumbnail for it that will be shown on the UI. For the camera setup for the shot, the engine will look for the “thumbnail” entity. If the thumbnail entity doesn’t exist, the first intro dolly camera will be used. If this isn’t setup a spawn location will be used. If there are no spawns in the map, a bird’s eye view of the map encompassing the level will be used.
  • If your map doesn’t have a thumbnail entity yet you can add it by positioning yourself towards the angle you wish to represent your map, then open the editpad (the previous camera angle will not be altered by looking down at the editpad), search for “thumbnail” in the editpad and add it, if you want to reposition it you can follow the same steps again, and the previous thumbnail entity will be replaced by the new one, then save the map and publish it in order for your map’s thumbnail to be visible.

-The Shop has been updated.