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  • It’s now possible select an already placed sticker and send it backward one layer, bring it forward one layer, bring it all the way to the front, or send it all the way to the back
  • The default sorting of stickers now respects the order of addition instead of them being arbitrarily sorted

Visual changes

  • In Settings-More Settings there’s now a checkbox to enable damage number grouping (their values are accumulated if the individual contributions happened in quick succession)


  • New map! “Test” is a new MacGuffin map available in Custom Games, any feedback about it is appreciated - in this map the PnCR first spawns at the 2 minute mark
  • The map “Test 2” has been removed from the Custom Game’s MacGuffin map list
  • Kasbah’s spawns have been adjusted with some unused spawns being removed, some added on the Red Armor side of the map, and some moved to prevent some sightlines
  • In Skybreak the Yellow Armor is now next to the Smoke Weeball’s stairs, further away from the Blue armor to give the out of control player more space in the map; the Shotgun is now where Yellow Armor was, the Yellow room’s Rocket Launcher is now at the bottom of the Mega room where the Shotgun was, the Grenade Launcher is now more accessible in the path from the Smoke Weeball’s jumppad to the Mega; some adjustments to spawns to deal with the Yellow Armor’s new position


  • The Yellow Armor’s (75 armor) armor cap has been increased from 150 to 175 - it can take a player’s armor value up to 175 and be picked up when a player has less than 175 armor


  • In spectator mode it’s now possible to switch between players by pressing a key for each player which can be bound in Settings-Controls-Spectating
  • There is now a separate list of keybinds when spectating, for the previously mentioned binds and others in the future, the same keybinds set in this list can still be used in the Gameplay and Editing lists for different functions


  • Fixed an infrequent input micro-delay that could happen when switching weapons, using ping or using spray


  • The Settings-Controls menu now has messages explaining which bind categories are affected in each menu
  • Spray now has a default keybind “V”, Team Chat now has a default keybind “Y”
  • Updated translations