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Custom game map voting

  • In the Custom Game lobby’s more settings menu there is now a setting to allow players to propose a map vote, which has the option of being enabled always, or enabled only during warmup, or disabled.
  • When the option is enabled, players can press Escape to go to the Match menu, press the “Create a map vote” button, and select a map for the current mode from the official or community map lists.
  • The vote options are Yes or No, in order to vote it’s possible to bind Vote Yes and Vote No in Settings-Controls-Gameplay-General, by default the keybinds are F5 for Yes, F6 for no, it’s also possible to vote through the Match menu by clicking on the option you want.
  • The name of the map being voted on and vote tally is displayed on the HUD through the new Vote HUD element, and in the Match menu.
  • The vote is decided by the majority of players and spectators who vote (if only one person out of 10 in the server votes, that vote will be the winner).
  • The voting period lasts a maximum of 30 seconds, depending on if all players have voted, or if the result is now guaranteed by one option having received the votes from more than half of the individuals connected to the server at the start of the vote. The current vote’s remaining time is displayed in the Match menu.
  • Each player is limited to creating a maximum of 3 map votes per match.
  • By default the Custom Games are set to allow map voting only during warmup.
  • If there is a map change during a live match the current match will be cancelled and will not be registered in Profile-matches.

Masterserver and matches

  • In the matches list, when hovering over a match there are now indicators next to players which display the team that the players are on or whether they are spectators: [S] for spectator, [1] for team 1, [2] for team 2, and so on.
  • Time trials matches with a single team which has 2 or more players are now displayed in the Profile-Matches list. Server-side replays from these matches can now be downloaded.
  • Custom Games by default are now set to allow joining while queueing.


  • A free Easter themed pack with avatars, sprays and stickers is available in the shop for a limited time.


  • The editpad’s properties menu now displays the correct default exit speed for teleporters of 400 instead of 0.