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Performance - A previous memory leak related to video playback in our menu UI middleware Gameface was still happening for some players and we have implemented a tentative, more thorough workaround while Coherent provides us with a proper fix. Thank you to raV and Rolly for testing the workaround.


  • Fixed an issue with liquids and billboards causing the Editpad screen to sometimes glitch.
  • Fixed the scrollbar not being available in the Editpad’s assets menu. The appearance of the scrollbar will be improved in the future.
  • Added the option “Hide in game” in the Editpad’s Properties menu, which makes the currently selected props invisible while playing (they remain visible when the editpad is held).
  • Fixed the layout of color fields in the Editpad.
  • Added the option “Team based accents” to the Editpad’s Map menu in order for the accent colors to be based on a player’s color choices for each team.
  • Added “Shape”, “Radius”, “Padding” options to the Editpad’s Properties menu when having a sound entity selected and giving it the subtype “ambient node”.
  • Fixed an issue causing props of the same type to be stuck with the same color setting used in one of them.


  • Fixed the inactivity timer warning getting stuck and appearing in local games after timing out from a game.


  • Fixed the queue timers not updating on the menu while the player is in-game.


  • In Skybreak: the fan sounds have been reduced.

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