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  • Fixed issue with players displaying incorrect cosmetic items for others when they join an ongoing game.
  • Some new avatars from the Twitch drops avatar campaign have been added for streamers and their viewers.


  • The Editpad’s Properties menu now displays the name of a selected entity and its primary property in the header.
  • Fixed missing “force shadow” checkbox in prop properties.
  • Fixed missing checkbox for the “unique” property when using symmetry.
  • Added “sound” to the clip options in the editpad’s properties menu when a prop is selected.
  • Props can now be searched by tags.
  • The asset search in editpad now supports wildcards (typing something like med*wood will display all assets that start with “med”, contain something in the middle, and then contain the word “wood” afterwards).


  • Collision fix in Skybreak to the platform above the Blue Armor which was possible to stand on. Thank you to ondatra for the report.
  • Collision fixes to Furnace.


  • There is now a notification displayed when another player disconnects from a match.


  • Updated translations.

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