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**Replays **

  • Ranked playlist and Pickup matches now record server-side replays which battlepass owning participants can download (released on February 6).
  • Fixed some stability issues regarding replays being saved at the end of a match.

**Maps **

After an unexpected issue these changes were postponed they are available as of version 0.20.449e released around 19:15 UTC

  • Hurt Locker has been added to TDM, TDM Classic and Extinction map lists.
  • Perilous now has a TDM specific version with a Vindicator powerup in the Yellow Room.
  • Bioplant’s art has been updated with volumetric entities.
  • Collision fixes to Raya, Amberfall, Huracan, and Viki.


  • The in-game scoreboard now displays the message “Customized settings” if the current match has settings or commands that aren’t default with the exception of Duration, Score limit, and physics which are also displayed on the scoreboard. This can explain if something seems unusual, and can be helpful in competitive matches or recorded runs to verify that the settings are default.


  • In Custom Lobbies when Official map lists have more than 12 maps the Official and the Community map sections now have the same height in order to be easier to browse community maps.


  • The position of melee weapons relative to the eggbot hand in 3rd person has been improved.


  • A Valentine’s day themed pack is available in the shop.

-The issue with community maps not loading is being investigated. (fixed as of 11:40 UTC)

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