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Masterserver and matches

  • Fixed the issue where the “No datacenters have been selected” error message would show up when queuing right after starting Diabotical while datacenters were already selected.
  • Passworded public matches now show up at the bottom of the match list, above ongoing pickup matches.
  • Pickups with skill restrictions that don’t match your current skill rating no longer appear on your list.


  • Fixed an issue that would prevent server-side replays from being played.


  • In the Quickplay list, 5v5 CTF Hook Instagib has been replaced by 5v5 Brawl.


  • General performance improvements in multithreaded input mode.
  • Fixed a micro-stutter that could happen rarely when shooting.

Visual changes

  • Fixed a screen flicker that could happen rarely when the player is pushing against an obstacle.


  • Collision fixes to Barrows Gate, Bioplant, Frozen Decay, Roosh. Thank you to Kozz-, sohm, Jagriff and mysticaly for the reports.
  • Removed the opening and closing platform above the jumppad in front of the PnCR pickup in Raya.


  • The Merge feature is now able to import block materials from a map instead of only blocks and entities.