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  • The HP and Armor bars are now filled to 100% depending on the max HP and max Armor for those modes (if a mode has 200 max HP and 150 max Armor, the bars will both be full)


  • Removed low ammo beep sounds - a different solution for this will come later, some of the weapons have different firing sounds when firing at low ammo
  • Changed the first person jumping and landing sound to be more distinct from each other
  • The frag confirmation sound now plays when the final blow is suffered and not slightly after


  • The Shotgun spread has been increased from 2 2 to 2.4 2.4,
  • The Super Shotgun spread has been increased from 3.5 3.5 to 3.8 3.8
  • In Instagib the Knockback Weeble is back to 1.5 second cooldown as intended
  • Instagib is no longer round based and now lasts 10 minutes
  • In Wipeout you now throw Weebles instantly when you press the use key with the exception of the Healing Weeble which you have to fire after selecting with your Super Weapon bind
  • The powerups no longer cause health globes to drop


  • The production_stairs prop now accepts a custom color property

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