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  • An “Analyze lighting” function is now available for binding in “Settings-Controls-Analyze lighting”. Using this function toggles a heatmap of lighting calculations. In the visualization, values closer to red indicate that a pixel is affected by more lights. The cost of the lighting pass broadly scales with the amount of pixels lit per light. Mappers interested in optimizing lighting should attempt to not let maps get too hot in this visualization in any view inside the map. This can be accomplished by trying to rely on fewer lights or on smaller lights with harder falloffs to achieve similar effects. Well-performing maps can be loaded in the editor and referenced to check what are acceptable levels. We recommend that before deciding to invest time in optimizing lighting on a map, the mapper deletes all lights while looking at a hot part of the map (/del light*) and note the framerate change to see what’s the performance gain ceiling that could possibly be attained. Some maps won’t require optimization in this regard.
  • Fix to an issue causing the “Ignore decals” setting to not work with some semi-transparent props such as leaves.
  • Fixed an issue causing objects to sometimes show through surfaces affected by decals/sprays.
  • Fixed an issue causing decals to become disproportionate when tweaking the depth when if were laid out in certain orientations. Previously added decals are not subject to this fix for backwards compatibility as some existing decals will be relying on the previous incorrect behavior.

Content service

  • Fixed an issue with approved maps not being displayed in the Content Creation menu (published earlier today).
  • Added a scrollbar to the Content Creation menu to allow all of the submitted maps to be selectable.


  • The installation size of the game has been reduced from 13.43GB to 11.98GB, the download size remains 5.99GB.


  • Updated translations.

-The Shop has been updated.