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Custom Maps

  • Fixed new community maps not being correctly downloaded by players who did not create the lobby (fixed earlier today).
  • Fixed the Community map list in Custom Games not listing all of the available maps.


  • Fixed selection preview in the editor erroneously pre-selecting an ulterior object below the cursor sometimes (fixed earlier today).
  • Moving the cursor in the editor now resets the pre-selection cycling count (published earlier today).
  • Fixed the selection boundaries of Weeballs and the MacGuffin.
  • When a map is saved, dashes in map names are now automatically converted to underscores, uppercase letters are now automatically converted to lowercase in order to conform with the format expected by the content service.
  • The map names are now subject to approval by moderators. In order to not delay a map publication, maps are temporarily given automatically generated names for ease of identification, such as “unconscious squirrel” or “living jackal”.


  • Map loading is no longer negatively affected by a low Menu & Background framecap.


  • (Regression fix) Fixed issues starting local Practice games caused by recent changes to deploy the content service (fixed earlier today).

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