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  • In Custom Game there are now Time Trials versions of the CTF maps listed


  • The accuracy values on the weapons list when using the horizontal setting no longer overlap the weapon icons, they are now below the icons

Visual changes

  • Many textures now have a more matte/stylized appearance - because of this change, the lighting and other visual aspects of maps may receive updates
  • Liquids are no longer overly bright when near a prop or block
  • When you select the Melee there is now a shield along with the Hammer, and there’s a shield animation when you select the Melee
  • Ambient nodes now also tint the fog affecting an area


  • wo_prb_04_wip has been updated with textures and props
  • Time Trials versions of the CTF maps have been added (contain all the items)
  • carl_test_box has been updated


  • It’s now possible to make props rotate on the Y axis permanently with /forsel set %1 movement rotate (you will be able to stand and be carried along with the rotation but you are not being pushed laterally yet, if the rotating prop collides with you)
  • The medieval_bricks textures have been modified
  • When changing a Fog light’s properties the Margin property now shows up on the editpad


  • A routing issue from the Dallas server has been fixed