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Custom Lobby

  • It is now possible to select a list of 1 to 5 maps in Custom Lobby in order to decide which maps will be votable at the end of a match. The first map selected will be the map that is first loaded, the order of other maps does not affect the order they will be played in, because when a match ends all maps will be available to be voted on. In order to remove a map from the list of maps selected, click on it within the map selection list on the left.
  • To load a custom map that is available locally in your folders, through a direct connection, you can now use the command map_override: map_name; in the lobby’s more settings.


  • Fixed an issue causing a ghost eggbot to appear at a certain position in the map while a player is joining the game.


  • Fixed the match list not displaying the correct map names.


  • Fixed the default ambient sound loop being always present even when a new global ambient sound is added.
  • A default ambient sound entity has been added to the template map for easy modification of the ambient sound.
  • Fixed issue causing unused ambient sound loops referenced in menu maps to not be modifiable in the editor.
  • Sound entities now display the correct settings in the properties menu when first added.
  • Fixed the “Wind Outside” sound source not working.
  • A default thumbnail entity has been added to the template map.
  • A new template map without the terrain, liquid, and terrain has been added which can be accessed with /edit template_blocks.

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