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  • The thumbnails of the Arena maps have been updated


  • There is a new Default HUD if you click the Reset HUD button
  • Switching away from the HUD editor and back to it from other menus no longer prevents you from dragging HUD elements properly
  • The Score (Simple) HUD element now has a default width and height
  • The Weapons list now has a ammo text padding option
  • The name of the score type in the Score (Simple)’s options has been fixed
  • The respawn timer’s position has been fixed
  • There is now a Player Name HUD element


  • There is now a sound that plays when a weapon is dropped to announce it to nearby players (recent unreported change)
  • When spectating a player their sounds are now all self sounds and the enemy players’ sounds are all enemy sounds

Visual changes

  • The scale of the Crossbow in third person has been slightly increased and its position adjusted


  • In Arena the Super Shotgun ammo has been reduced from 100 to 50, and the Grenade Launcher ammo from 50 to 10
  • In Arena the Weapon 9, Implosion Weeble and Minigun have been removed
  • In Arena the Machinegun was added


  • wo_prb_04_wip has been updated (promEUs streamed his work https://www.twitch.tv/videos/507482590)
  • duel_facility_wip has received some art adjustments and now also has weebles in similar positions as duel_facility
  • Some fixes to a_barrows_gate, tdm_alchemy and ctf_cathedral_wip which had been affected by model and texture changes
  • The position of the eggbots in the player showcase before the POTG has been readjusted on the Arena maps
  • medina has been added


  • Some new medieval and medina props have been added

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