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  • In the Play menu the match list now displays public Time Trials and Survival matches from all regions regardless of your selected regions.
  • Public Time Trials matches now always allow players in queue/waiting for a pickup to join.
  • In Custom Lobby it’s now possible to select the time durations of 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes.
  • Due to a change with Twitch’s API it is not currently possible for the streamer avatar drops campaign to continue. We are interested in finding some type of replacement system but for now it is no longer possible to receive a streamer specific avatar from watching streams or submit them as a streamer.
  • The Watch menu’s Twitch tab now displays all current Twitch streams in the Diabotical category.


  • A Time Trials version of Seismic Fault has been added to the Time Trials map list.
  • Collision fixes to Raya, and Roosh.


  • The MacGuffin’s eye no longer rolls backwards when crouching (mister MacGuffin still disapproves of travelling slowly).


  • In Survival the spawning system has changed from top 3 farthest spawns to 50% random, 50% top 3 farthest.

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