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Masterserver and matches

  • Season 2 has started and with that the leaderboards have been reset. Some information about Season 1 will be available in the future.
  • Wipeout 4v4 has been moved from the Ranked playlist card to Quick Play
  • TDM 2v2 has been added to the Ranked playlist, it uses the same rules as TDM and the current map pool is Icefall, Kasbah, and Perilous.
  • Aim Arena 2v2 has been added to the Ranked playlist, with the same rules and maps as Aim Arena 1v1.
  • TDM 4v4 has been removed from Quick Play.


  • New weapon! The Void Cannon is a new weapon which fires a void beam with regular attack, a void ball projectile with the secondary attack (can only do damage on direct hits), and when a void beam hits a void ball it creates a powerful explosion. Both the void beam and the void ball do 30 damage on hit, the void explosion does a maximum of 150 damage. The Learn menu will be updated soon.
  • The Super Shotgun now has a secondary fire which launches 2 bursts of 5 projectiles each which will bounce one time if they hit a surface that isn’t a player. Each of these projectiles does 10 damage and travels at half the speed of the Crossbow’s projectile. Secondary fire works by pressing your zoom key.
  • The Rocket Launcher now has a secondary fire which launches a grenade (which works like the Grenade Launcher did previously). Secondary fire works by pressing your zoom key.
  • In Time Trials the Rocket Launcher does not have secondary fire and pressing zoom results in zooming in.
  • The Grenade Launcher can no longer be wielded or found in maps with the exception of Time Trials maps.
  • The Crossbow can no longer be wielded with the exception of Wee-bow Instagib, Wee-bow Gold Rush, Crossbow Instagib setting in Custom Games, and can no longer be found in maps with the exception of Time Trials maps.
  • In Shaft Arena, the number of lives per round has been reduced from 2 to 1.
  • In Shaft Arena, the score limit has been increased from first to win 4 rounds to first to win 10 rounds.


  • With Season 2 there is a new Battle Pass which can be bought in the Shop.
  • If you haven’t completed all of Season 1’s levels you still can as older Battle Passes can be selected in the Battle Pass menu on the bottom right corner, by going to the Battle Pass list and selecting the Battle Pass you wish.
  • The Season 1 Battle Pass remains available to be bought, in order to do so first set it to active and then click the upgrade button in the Battle Bass screen.
  • The Season 1 Battle Pass now has 101 levels instead of 100, the 101st reward is a new Shotgun skin which changes its model. The firing animation will receive an update to reduce the space it covers near the crosshair, especially when the centered weapon option is selected.
  • The Holiday Gift Pack in the Shop now contains the Void Cannon Frostbite skin, those who had already collected the pack will be receiving this item as well.
  • Players that have a previously sold weapon pack will receive its Void Cannon skin version in the future.
  • Fixed the Cyclops shell not allowing for stickers inside the eye.
  • There is now an indicator on the Shop menu button when it has been updated with new items.
  • Some new avatars from the Twitch drops avatar campaign have been added for streamers and their viewers.


  • New map! Ancient is a new MacGuffin map.
  • New map! Treehouse is a new Wee-bow Instagib map.
  • New map! Misty Bay is a new Rocket Arena map.
  • New maps! Gravels Of Wisdom, Mausoleum Of Despair, The Exploration Of A Cold Heart are 3 new Shaft Arena maps each of which is a simple room and mostly flat. These 3 maps are replacing the Aim Arena maps that were previously in this mode.
  • Monolith has received some minor performance optimizations and 2 new spawns near megahealth.
  • Crystal Cove, Toya Fortress, and the brawl version of Icefall now have Void Cannon pickups instead of Grenade Launchers, the Brawl version of Alchemy now has a Void Cannon pickup instead of a Crossbow.


  • New holiday themed props have been added. Thumbnails for these and other missing ones will be added soon.
  • The Grenade Launcher and the Crossbow only function as pickups in Time Trials, when they are added they will be invisible in the editor as well, but will work in Time Trials.


  • Micro-optimizations related to CPU usage combat situations.


  • Some potential cheating concerns have been addressed.

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