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  • In Settings-Weapons-General it’s now possible to toggle an option to switch your FOV, sensitivity and acceleration to those of your next weapon, immediately after pressing that weapon’s keybind instead of having to wait for the reload time to end.
  • When the match is unpaused there is no longer a momentary freeze when player control is meant to be returned.


  • Decals can now be ordered to set which show up above and below relative to each other. Select a decal and in the Editpad’s Properties menu-Visuals category there will be an “order” option which accepts the range of -10000 to 10000 (something with order 2 will appear above order 1).
  • Spawn entities are now indicated by a box with an eggbot picture, the box is green when it’s a regular spawn, purple when it’s assigned to a team.
  • There are now some markers on the edges of light and spawn entity boxes to indicate their midpoint.
  • The “Hide in game” and “Color” properties have been moved to the “Visuals” category in the Editpad’s Properties menu.


  • Clicking the menu chat icon now immediately focuses the text field.


  • It’s now possible to set the scale of overhead names in Settings-More settings-Overhead names.
  • It’s now possible to set names to be fully uppercase in Settings-More settings-Overhead names.
  • Fixed the “Match is Paused.” text being stuck on the screen if a match is restarted from the lobby while it was paused.

Visual changes

  • A “Gamma (Brightness)” option has been added to video settings to control the game’s brightness setting.


  • Fixed Sprays sometimes not being displayed on top of map decals.

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