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  • Fixed issue causing players to not emit some sounds if their audio subsystem is uninitialized due to a missing audio device.
  • Audio system micro-optimizations affecting heavy combat situations with a high frequency of sound creation.


  • The command /annotation adds a mark to a currently recording replay associated to the current time. /annotation followed by text attaches a text comment. /annotation -list can be used to list current annotations while recording or reproducing a replay. /annotation -seek X can be used to go to the time of that annotation, where X is the ID of the annotation shown by /annotation -list. An annotation can be added to point some time in the past with /annotation -back X where is the number of seconds to go back in time. A UI interface for replays, including access to this feature, will be added soon.

Content service

  • Fixed issue causing occasional downtimes in the availability of community maps.


  • It’s now possible to bind Hide selection and Unhide selection keys in Settings-Controls-Editing.
  • Billboards now have a “Alpha blending” checkbox in the Editpad that changes the blending behavior from the default additive to alpha blending.
  • Billboards now have a “Texture” field in the editpad.
  • Decals now have a “Scale” field that changes the scaling factor of the texture projected within the decal volume.


  • Improved the layout of the menu for narrower aspect ratios like 4:3.
  • Updated German, Spanish from Spain, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian translations.


  • In Temple Escape, going from stage to stage now resets the Dodge cooldown and double-jump (multi-jump was already reset).
  • In Frostrun, Cliffside Canyons, Qunai Peaks, and Titans Crossing falling off a platform now teleports you to a checkpoint instead of fragging you.

-The Shop has been updated.

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