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  • Fixed an issue that was causing an incorrect map to be loaded in a Custom Game
  • Added some new translations

Visual changes

  • Fixed the eggbot’s body in 3rd person swiveling to the sides when a player was looking up and down instead of the eggbot looking up and down
  • Fixed the invisible holograms of the Blue, Yellow and Red armors
  • The terrain’s grass texture has been updated and the terrain grass model has been updated


  • Performance fixes after an issue caused by the new light clipping feature
  • Several lightning micro-optimizations


  • Some adjustments related to prop changes on ctf_cathedral_wip and a_barrows_gate


  • Some Medina theme props have been added, several curved walls, stone blocks, wood trims
  • Some Medieval vines props have been added

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Design: James Harding

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Engine Programmer: FireFrog

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UI & DB programmer: noctis

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Level Designer: promEUs

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