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Play screen

  • Based on our statistics and community feedback the Quick Play modes are now queues with continuous matches again (FFA and FFA Instagib matches will be launched when there are at least 4 players queued), with the exception of Warmup which starts a continuous match whenever a player clicks the button.
  • Quick Play matches that are not full appear on the match list with the name Quick Play.
  • Ongoing Pickup matches are displayed at the bottom of the match list. They are not possible to join but can indicate if there are players playing a certain mode at the moment who may join your pickup or create a new one when their match ends.
  • Pickup listings now more clearly indicate if players are part of a party.


  • The Controls HUD element now has a Simple style option which only displays the currently pressed keys and has the direction keys positioned in a cross shape which makes it friendlier to put on the center of the screen surrounding the crosshair. Thank you to Brandon for creating it.


  • Asset thumbnails have been added.
  • When added through the editpad the logic entity now has the properties which appear in the properties tab by default.


  • Collision fixes to Marina. Thank you to Respa for the report (released on January 16th).
  • Collision fixes to Furnace. Thank you to Nirtal for the report (released on January 16th).


  • Updated Spanish from Spain, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian translations.