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Halloween Survival

  • Added Chucker bots (orange).
  • Fixed an issue causing bots to receive excessive knockback upon impact when multiple ones were hit with the same shot.
  • Fixed some AI navigation issues on the map.
  • Bots now have hurt sounds.
  • Boomers will sound a warning taunt when getting close to a player.


  • Players that are part of the Twitch drops avatar campaign now have a Twitch link on their Diabotical profile pages.
  • Updated translations.


  • Fixed the announcer line for 100 damage PnCR shots which was happening in FFA Instagib on every hit.
  • Removed frag streak and impressive announcer lines from the Aim Trainer.


  • Some new avatars from the Twitch drops avatar campaign have been added for streamers and their viewers.

-The Shop has been updated.

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