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  • Wipeout is no longer ranked
  • Wipeout now has backfill (new players join if someone leaves) and is continuous (at the end of the match there is a map vote and a new match will start in a few seconds)
  • An issue with rank points being awarded to someone that had left the match has been fixed
  • Security improvements


  • The translations have been updated
  • For the moment while we haven’t been able to fix the “stuck on map vote” issue yet, a button will now appear to take you back to the menu if that situation occurs
  • Ranks now show up in the scoreboard (tab scoreboard) and game report (final scoreboard)
  • The Rank update after a match no longer hides the chat
  • In the editing controls the Fly/Noclip bind can now be set (at the moment this bind only sets the fly bind for when you have the editpad selected (F4)


  • The recently added stickers now have a small label on them to distinguish them - Jacob the creator of the stickers has enjoyed looking at the #eggbot-art channel in https://discord.gg/diabotical to see the ways that people have used what he worked on and to look for inspiration


  • The Victory/Defeat screen is no longer blurred and now turns into slow motion in order for the players involved to see what happened at that last moment of the match, in cases where matches end due to a score limit
  • The lamp post (dp_lightpost_01) props in Bazaar now have a texture
  • Introduced and fixed the issue where crouched eggbots looking up would lie down, crouched eggbots looking down would prone - The Eggbots have been used to only being active during the weekend so they got a little tired, but after some modifications they are now energized with a second wind
  • The powerup visual effects will no longer show up unless attached to the powerup model


  • Spectating is now smoother than before, a current side effect of this improvement is some funk, extra movement from the weapon model


  • Bazaar has received some collision fixes
  • Crystal Cove has received some collision fixes
  • Wellspring has received some collision fixes


  • The bots now interact with jumppads

Map editor

  • Some industrial and sport props that stopped showing up on Weekend 3 have been fixed
  • The Lightbulb icons on the light entities have been fixed

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118 votes, 53 comments. Also on Masterserver and matches Wipeout is no longer ranked Wipeout now has backfill (new players join if someone leaves) …