7 days ago - Trello - Direct link


  • In the Competitive menu Wipeout 5v5 has changed to Wipeout 3v3


  • There’s a new default HUD if you click the Reset HUD button
  • The Ally and Enemy score elements now have a separate score font size option
  • The colored border of the Item HUD element’s default styling has been made thicker
  • Fixed the Weapons list’s spacing when the keybind option isn’t selected


  • duel_pr_07_wip’s health landmine has been removed
  • duel_facility_wip’s Mega room has been updated with a new center platform made of gears
  • tdm_chateau has been added which reduces the area that was dedicated to the Red Armor room in b_chateau, Red is now where the lava jumppad below Red used to be


  • Thumbnails for some medieval props have been added