10 days ago - Trello - Direct link


  • After a weapon keybind is pressed for a currently owned weapon there is a period of 0.5s where other presses of that same keybind won’t result in the weapon waypoint showing up
  • In Settings-More Settings it’s now possible to set weapon waypoints to only show up when you press a weapon keybind while not having the weapon and it’s now possible to fully disable weapon waypoints
  • In Settings-More Settings it’s now possible to customize the size of waypoints
  • Waypoints for spawned weapons and the MacGuffin now have a pop in animation
  • Waypoints for weapons now have a fade out animation


  • Weeballs no longer do self damage or friendly fire (when friendly fire is turned on)
  • The Blaster’s self damage has been reduced from 50% to 40%
  • Fixed players on different teams being able to damage each other in Time Trials (unreported yesterday)


  • The Menu Eggbot’s idle animation sounds have been updated



  • Added a new location: Yekaterinburg, Russia (to select it, click on the Select Datacenters button (globe button) next to the Join Game/Find Match button, then click on the Toggle datacenters button on the top right of that menu)