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  • There is now an overlay over the avatar of party members and a message on avatar mouseover, which indicate when a party member is currently in a game
  • In Competitive, Arena Duel has been renamed to Arena 1v1 and Classic Duel has been renamed to Duel 1v1
  • The Custom Game now has a visibility option for Private and future Public games, including a lobby name and password field
  • duel_pr_07_wip and duel_mindflayer have been added to the Custom Game duel map list
  • Some pixel scaling issues have been fixed


  • Fixed issue that allowed players to invade games


  • Accent Boxes have new background color options
  • Ally and Enemy Score HUD elements have new color options
  • Powerup and Item HUD elements have new color options
  • Powerup and Item HUD elements have a new styling option
  • Accent Boxes, Element Groups, HP, Armor now have an experimental option to style the CSS when you click the Advanced button in their properties
  • Montserrat has been added as a font option
  • The minimum width of elements can now be 0.1 instead of 1
  • On the Pickup Notice when you grab ammo the borders around the icon have been removed
  • The Weapons list’s keybinds (when the option is selected) now look more like the Item and Dodge keybinds (when their keybind option is selected)
  • Fixed the Current Weapon HUD element’s custom color


  • The Dodge ready sound has been disabled for now
  • There’s a new alternate option for PnCR firing sounds at the bottom of Settings-Mods


  • The Smoke Weeble’s smoke radius has increased by 30%


  • wo_prb_04_wip has been updated
  • duel_pr_07_wip was added which has some different geometry and item placement relative to duel_pr_07
  • duel_facility_wip has been updated
  • ctf_waterworks_wip_col has been added (ctf_waterworks_wip with updated collision)
  • duel_mindflayer has been added
  • duel_outpost_dunia’s collision has been updated
  • duel_gx_01 now has invisible ceilings over the open areas


  • Fixed material swapping issue that broke some props
  • Thumbnails for some medieval and production props have been added

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