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Visual changes

  • The Weeble pickups now look correct with the exception of the Explosive Weeble’s shine effect and the holograms when they have been picked up


  • In CTF when you pick up a Weeble that pickup becomes unavailable until you grab a different Weeble (switch it) or your team captures the flag (you get 1 weeble/1 ammo when you grab one and you get one of the same type 45 seconds after using it)
  • After grabbing a Weeble once in a CTF game you will respawn with 1 of the same type
  • The Diabotical powerup’s damage boost has increased from 2x damage to 4x damage
  • When you have the Diabotical you have 20% lifesteal (you receive 20% out of the damage amount that you deal back in HP, if you deal 100 damage you will get 20 HP, including overheal)


  • ctf_dojo_wip now has 5 team exclusive Weeble pickups on each base
  • ctf_cathedral_wip has been updated, the cathedral hall is now longer, the flag has been moved forward to the edge of the 2nd level but moved back half a block relative to the map, a new wall partially blocks the sightline to the flag from the other side of the base and creates an extra step when jumping from top to the 25 HP, the mole has returned and there’s a tunnel behind where the Grenade Launcher used to be, which has been moved to where the jumppad was, and the jumppad has been moved to the end of the tunnel which leads to the back of the base
  • The example map has been updated


  • The Weeble pickups are now listed in the editpad
  • To assign a pickup to be team exclusive type /forsel set %1 team 0 or /forsel set %1 team 1 (if you’re mirroring the map and the original side is team 0 you can set team 0 and team_alt 1 on a pickup and then mirror)