over 2 years ago - Trello - Direct link


  • The Void Cannon activator beam now doesn’t penetrate beyond the first void projectile that is hit.
  • The speed of the Void Cannon ball has been increased from 600ups to 700ups.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Grenades and Shotgun Secondary fire to sometimes deal more damage and knockback than intended.

Masterserver and matches

  • Tentative fix to an issue resulting in match slots being occupied by players and/or player duplicates who aren’t playing.


  • Collision fixes to Kasbah.
  • Collision fix to Qunai Peaks and fixed parts of the background not being visible.
  • Fixed missing thumbnails for the CTF versions of Cliffside Canyons, Qunai Peaks, Titans Crossing.


  • Fixed the Void Cannon’s Frostbite skin not being usable (released yesterday).


  • Updated Spanish from Spain, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian translations.