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  • There is now a mode called Aim Arena Classic which has the same rules as Aim Arena but with 200 armor instead of 100 and only one life per round. It is available for community matches and in pickups.
  • TDM no longer has friendly fire (TDM Classic continues to have it).
  • Fixed a delay that happened while having the instant weapon switch option selected in the custom lobby.
  • There is now a lifesteal option in More Settings in the custom lobby.
  • Hits when lifesteal is not zero are now always guaranteed to heal for at least 1 HP.


  • In Freeze Tag, frozen teammates are now indicated on the minimap with a frozen symbol.
  • Fixed a centering issue with the MacGuffin and Flag icons relative to the player carrying them on the minimap.
  • Fixed an issue causing minimap item icons to not be accurately positioned.


  • Fixed an issue where shells of dead eggbots would remain visible.
  • Fixed an issue causing the thruster effects on the feet of players already in a game to not be visible temporarily when connecting to an ongoing game.


  • Community map names are now displayed instead of map ids on the Play menu, Profile-Matches, Match details, Match menu, Map intro screen.


  • Fixed crash caused by putting negative or excessively large values on the segments field of a volumetric entity.


  • The tutorial voiceover has a new voice actor.
  • Manipulation of the audio files of the game is now correctly monitored by the anti-cheat system like the rest of assets.
  • Fixed an issue causing some voice lines to be repeated sometimes.

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