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  • The “Menu Framecap” option in Video Settings has been expanded to also limit the framerate when the game is not in focus to avoid hogging resources when a player is on the desktop or in other applications. It’s now named “Menu & Background Framecap”.
  • In Settings-More Settings there is a new option “Minimize when alt+tabbing”. When selected, the game will minimize when alt-tabbing instead of staying maximized in the background.
  • In Settings-More Settings there is now an option for the Chat keybind to remember the last chat channel that was in use (whether team chat or all chat which have their own separate keybinds and can be switched between by pressing Tab). Note that the Team Chat button retains its function of selecting Team Chat.
  • The Chat window now displays a tip on how to switch between chat channels.

Masterserver and matches

  • Fixed an issue where the masterserver wouldn’t add a reconnect option for players that crashed.
  • Fixed an issue where a crashed player would remain in the connecting list of the scoreboard. Note: We are still waiting on the makers of Gameface, the middleware we use for our lobby UI, for a resolution regarding an unresolved crash that can happen when a game is about to start or a game has just finished. We are sorry for the frustration caused by this issue.


  • Fixed the movement sounds of bots in the Tutorial, Practice Range, Aim Trainer, sounding like the bots in Halloween Survival.

Visual changes

  • Players can no longer spray while dead.
  • Fixed an issue causing additional arms to be displayed when holding the MacGuffin and grabbing a Weeball, and when spraying while holding the MacGuffin or a Weeball.


  • Collision fixes to Furnace.

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