16 days ago - Trello - Direct link


  • New map! Tropic
  • Coins dropped by bots now stay available for 30 seconds instead of 7 seconds.
  • Fixed the weeball selection indicators in the warmup shop not being updated correctly between matches.

Visual changes

  • There is now an option to make weapons invisible in Settings-Weapons-Weapon display-Hidden.
  • Slightly tweaked the materials of most weapons (released in the previous patch but unannounced)
  • Fixed the position of the Hot Katana melee weapon skin in 3rd person.


  • Fixed a hiccup happening when someone joins an ongoing game (ameliorated yesterday in a hotfix, fixed further in this patch).
  • Fixed the hiccups that happened in between browsing different cosmetics in the locker.


  • Various fixes to unintentional audio changes (published the day before yesterday but unannounced).