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  • Terrain weapon collision fixes (released in an earlier minor update).
  • Door collision fixes.


  • Fixed a crash related to moving props (released in an earlier minor update).


  • Added the logic action ‘reset_race’ which abandons the current race for the target player in Time Trials (released in an earlier minor update).
  • Added the logic action ‘set_player_race_reset’ with the property ‘logic_reset_only’. If true, the player cannot restart their run manually, it will only restart (or end) using logic or triggers (released in an earlier minor update).
  • Fix for Time Trials trigger volumes with the action ‘smart_loop’: They now correctly cannot be re-triggered until another race-ending trigger is hit (released in an earlier minor update).
  • Fix for the logic action ‘set_player_spawns’ not having any effect on a player’s initial spawn.
  • Fix for respawn times of items that were de-spawned using logic entities to follow the game mode defaults, unless a custom respawn time is set on the entity (entity property: ‘time’).
  • Added the jump pad property ‘jumppad_sound’ which can be used to define a custom sound (default sound: ‘jumppad’).
  • Added the logic trigger ‘on_chat_command’ with the options ‘chat_command’, ‘chat_command_description’, and ‘chat_command_lobby_admins_only’. The trigger will activate when the specified command is received in chat (prefixed by “!”, “/”, or “.”). “!help” and “!commands” will list available map commands in the console. If the match is a private lobby, commands can be restricted to lobby Admins only.
  • Prefabs are a type of group that can be copied and have size and position changes of props in the original prefab be copied to copies of the prefab.
  • To create a prefab select more than one prop and then use the console command /prefab [name of prefab]. New entities can be added to the prefab by selecting the prefab, the new entity and typing /prefab. Individual entities inside the prefab can be selected by holding Shift like with regular groups. Rotating and moving a prefab will not affect copies of it. The Groups and Prefabs editpad tab will display a list of existing prefabs that can be copied.


  • Collision fixes to Forty Two, Neon Soul, Melting Point, Habibi, Caliburn (released in an earlier minor update).
  • In Skybreak, moved the Rocket Launcher to the bottom of Mega room, moved the Grenade Launcher to the Mega room, removed Grenade Launcher ammo pickups (released in an earlier minor update).
  • Added Grenade Launcher to Cathedra and Kasbah.


  • Fixed the reset to default button in the Custom Lobby’s more settings not taking effect (released in an earlier minor update).
  • Fixed linking/unlinking your Twitch account to Diabotical.

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