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  • The lift jump behavior is no longer negatively affected by low or very high framerate conditions.
  • Fixed an issue causing a slippery feeling when walking along the top-facing surface of a moving prop due to the player erroneously being determined as airborne in that situation. As a result of this, wall-clipping is no longer triggered at the top of lifts just by pushing against the ledge. Players should still be able to reach locations previously reachable due to the unintended wall-clipping effect thanks to the fixes above which make it easier to control a jump’s direction and to circle-jump off lifts.


  • Fixed an issue in Survival causing the base cost of items to be charged instead of the full amount when buying items repeatedly.


  • Fixed an issue causing the Editpad interface to sometimes ignore UI actions.


  • Tweaked styles to make it more clear which map in the Content Creation section is selected.
  • Fixed map details in Content Creation Menu not wrapping correctly in low resolutions.

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