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  • There is now a Pause function in private Custom Games, each player has access to a single pause that can last for 60 seconds, while the host and others in the lobby that have been given the admin role have unlimited pauses each lasting infinite time. By default the Pause/Resume function is bound to F9 and Pause/Break, it can be rebound in Settings-Controls-Gameplay-Pause/Resume - this function is an experimental state

Visual changes

  • There are now screen-edge waypoints that indicate the current base that you should go to in MacGuffin (whether you are delivering or attacking)
  • Increased the resolution of the waypoint icons


  • The volume of enemy movement sounds above and below has been tweaked to better represent the relative distance of players


  • Fixed issue that caused invisible blocks to be visible through walls when having the editpad selected


  • Added Pause abuse to the list of report reasons
  • Updated translations


  • Collision fixes to Bioplant, and Crystal Cove

-The Shop has been updated