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Masterserver and matches

  • Wipeout has been changed from 5v5 to 4v4 
  • Enabled ranking system for rocket arena Arena 1v1 2v2 and Wipeout 4v4 these models are no longer backfilled or continuous when a match ends players requeue to play again (to see the ranks you can go to Quickplay and click the rank icon to the right of Arena - The Ranking system is work in progress, you may experience some issues, details about the system are not being made available at this moment
  • New mode: Wee-bow Gold Rush in this mode players collect coins and deliver them to the enemy base while preventing the opponent from doing the same, players have a Crossbow, Melee and a Knockback Weeball to move around the map quickly
  • Security improvements


  • The Quickplay modes that are ranked now display your rank icon on the right
  • On the row of the mode names, you can click the icon to see all of rank tier names and images of the highest ranks-Added translations: Spanish from Spain, Spanish from Latin America, Brazilian Portuguese as well as updated Russian, Italian, Japanese


  • Introduced the Coin Counter HUD element which counts the number of coins that a player is carrying in Wee-bow Gold Rush - If you are not using the default HUD you will have to add this element manually in the HUD editor
  • The Default HUD has been updated and now includes the Coin Counter HUD element
  • The chat HUD element now displays message timestamps

Sound - There have been some modifications to the PnCR shot sounds- The low health Eggbot pain sounds have been updated - The coin pickup sound has been updated


  • The coins are now brighter


  • Fixed a Crossbow’s single shot hitting players twice on steep angles
  • The Machinegun’s damage has been increased from 6 to 7 


  • For the new mode Wee-bow Gold Rush there are 3 new maps: Qunai Peaks, Cliffside Canyons and Titans Crossing
  • Outpost Dunia’s layout has been modified, the PnCR has been moved from the Mega Room to the top of the pillar in the Red Room, the Mega Room teleporter has been moved to the center/Blue room
  • Frontier now has a door at the entrance of the corridor between Shaft and the Yellow Armor 
  • F1sk’s House has been added to the Duel map pool after being updated with some lighting and collision changes
  • Bazaar has received visual updates and some gameplay updates more significantly on the 5th arena and has been added to the map pools of the Arena modes
  • The Practice map now includes an endless strafejumping tunnel accessible through a teleporter


  • Some new stickers have been added: 3 new eyes, 3 new mouths, a Washing Machine and a Rainbow sticker (they currently don’t have icons, they will soon)

Map editor

  • Added a light and a sound entity to the editpad
  • Introduced some new props including Medina theme cloth props- Custom maps saved are now automatically given the prefix “my_”: When saving a map called “happyplace” (/save happyplace) the file created will be called “my_happyplace”, type /edit my_happyplace to see it.
  • When checking a map that someone else made which you placed in the maps folder, you will now need to restart the game in order to be able to /edit it in-game


  • We are hoping to see some improvements to Ashburn server connections, a routing issue that affected some people has been fixed by i3d.net
  • Bredband2 connections to Rotterdam should now have a lower ping than in the previous weekends (around -10/-15 than before from Stockholm to Rotterdam)

After day 1

  • Fixed a problem that had been affecting the masterserver on previous weekends and during this weekend, that was leading to disconnections and players not finding matches even if enough players were queued to start a match
  • Fixed a very significant memory leak that was causing performance issues and could then cause the game to hang or crash
  • Fixed an issue where a match would end if a player readied-up before the other connected
  • Potentially fixed an issue that frequently caused the masterserver to think that players were still in a match after they had already left
  • In Wipeout a match now requires the 8 players to be present before starting
  • In Wipeout there is now backfilling during the warmup time so that in case a player leaves they can be replaced and the match can still happen

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