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Hi engineers!
A belated Happy Halloween! We've added some fun features to the Storage MK.I and some convenience to Icarus' universe for sustainability work. Let's check out!

  • Now, Storage MK.I can be built on top of the Splitter. In this way, the cargo in Storage MK.I can also be distributed in and out via the Splitter. However, please note that this feature can only output cargo with a stacking quantity of 1.
  • Added two new statistic options in the right information panel of the Planet View and Starmap: "Mining Planned" and "Not planned yet" of veins.
  • Added warning hints and directions for garbage blocks. Icarus will no longer have to search for a needle in a haystack or, to find a garbage block in the universe!
  • Added a new switch for the Metadata function at the top right corner of the Tech Tree. After disabling Metadata, the Buyout button in the Tech panel will be hidden.
  • Added fluid animation effect when [Chemical Plant] and [Quantum Chemical Plant] are running.
  • Added Frame Balance Setting. It adjusts the target ratio of rendering frame rate and logical frame rate, as well as the priority of video fluency and game simulation speed.
  • Adjusted the collider of Storage MK.I and Storage MK.II. Now it is possible to build the Conveyor Belts that pass over them.
  • Modified the logic of Icarus' vertical movement on the planet when logical frame rates are low. It will be impossible for Icarus to jump out of the atmosphere at a low frame rate anymore!
  • Fixed the bug that when pasting Blueprints, forcing to overwrite the original Sorter may cause the wrong connection of the pasted Sorter.
  • Fixed a bug where the logistics distributor guess Filter would make an incorrect guess after selecting an icon for a non-item type on a Conveyor Belt.
  • Fixed the bug that invalid codes were not detected when pasting Blueprint/Dyson Sphere Blueprint codes.
  • Fixed a bug in Sandbox Mode where solar sails would be ejected from center of stars if Quick Build is enabled after using the Dyson Swarm Blueprint.
  • Fixed driver compatibility issues with some AMD graphics cards (usually shown as white exposure or model fracture). This update fixes the white exposure that may appeared on the Conveyor Belt.
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.