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Dear engineers,

Today is the last day of the lunar year 2022, which also marks Dyson Sphere's 2nd anniversary. Two producers are now in the hospital, awaiting the birth of their baby - let's say, the first new member of Youthcat Studio in 2023.

Following this upcoming "inauguration" and the New Year holidays, the team will continue to work on the combat system. It was a regret that we were unable to bring you special events on this 2nd anniversary, but we hope to create a memorable experience for the 3rd anniversary of Dyson Sphere Program.

In 2022, we've gone through a lot. It's the support and encouragement from all of you engineers that has helped us get to where we are today. We still face many challenges in the combat system. However, we will not give up and will work tirelessly to make Dyson Sphere Program the best we have in mind.

The combat system is our top priority for 2023 and is the only destination on our Roadmap in 2023. We will, as promised before, continue to update while developing to enhance the game experience for our engineers, and will keep you posted on the progress of the battle system development.
Hope all the engineers in 2023:
Good Luck
Good Health
Successful Career and Education
Happiness and Well-being

Thank you for reading!

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