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Hi engineers,

With the coming of April, we are about to enter the rhythm of medium / large scale content development, and a new round of difficulties, and an intensive development schedule. It will take a lot of time, but we will forecast the content of the upcoming patch earlier to facilitate you to plan and prepare in advance. For example - the quick copy of the sorters is on its way.

Let's see the update log today:


  • Added system framework of item drop/pick up
  • Optimized the Assembler GPU Rendering cost by adding the LOD1 and LOD2 to rendering detail levels
  • Optimized the models of logistics drones and vessels and the rendering costs on GPU

  • You won't loss your items due to "Inventory is full" anymore. Instead, they will fall on the ground or float in the space!

  • Fixed a bug that mecha walking may be interrupted when pressing S from the perspective of God in the Construction Mode
  • Fixed the bug that the customized celestial bodies' names may not be updated in the production statistics panel
  • Fixed a bug that a facility may be built in the wrong place because of the failure of the calculating of building placement distance
  • Fixed the bug that it may report an error when the Logistics Station is dismantled

Thank you for your continuing support! You can send your feedback in Discord[discord.gg] and Google Form[forms.gle]! See you next time!

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