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Hi Engineers,

The September update is here as promised! Today we bring you the promised new features of the logistics system, and *some performance optimization. Hope you enjoy them!

*If you haven't check out the latest trailer of Combat system, see it here: Youtube


  • A new distribution logistics system has been added. Its function is to distribute items between Storage ↔ Icarus / Storage ↔ Storage.
  • Added new items: [Logistics Distributor] and [Logistics Bot]. Technology and recipe have been implemented.
  • New optional function: Transport unit replenishment. It is shown in the panel of Logistics Stations and Logistics Distributors. When turned on, the corresponding item in Icarus' inventory will be automatically placed to the slot when performing the following three actions: opening the panel, copying and pasting building settings, and applying a Blueprint included this option. In Sandbox Mode, the number of the item will always be locked to the maximum.
  • Added new technology [Mesoscopic Quantum Entanglement] and new advanced chemical facility [Quantum Chemical Plant] - Faster than the primary one!
  • (Please know that the [Quantum Chemical Plant]'s model is not yet implemented. It is currently, temporarily shown as a chemical plant model with a different color scheme.)

  • Optimized the computational consumption of working Logistics vessel (approx. 40% reduction in CPU time).
  • Optimized the computational consumption of Small Carrier Rockets in space and reduced the number of model vertices (approx. 50%/30% reduction in CPU/GPU time).
  • You can now set in the Dyson Sphere Editor to not rendering the model of Small Carrier Rocket. If you do so, the GPU consumption of Small Carrier Rockets can be reduced by 80%! Well, the only disadvantage is the rocket itself will disappear, only its tail flame remains - a helpful option when you have 10k+ rockets flying, and keep a spectacular space view as well!
  • Optimized the computational consumption for running manufacturing construction. Such as Assembling Machine, Smelter, and Chemical Plant (approx. 25% less CPU time).
  • Coordinate input is now supported when creating nodes in the Dyson Sphere Editor. No longer normalize the coordinates (on the panel) to the orbital sphere.
  • Added some UI sounds that should have been there.
  • Added exit button to the top right corner of the item selection, recipe selection and icon selection panels.

  • The number of item columns in the Planetary Logistics Station: 3 → 4
  • Logistics Drone movement speed in the Logistic Station lane will increase with the upgrade.

  • Fixed the bug that after the engine level of Logistics Vessel was upgraded to level 200 and higher, it could not dock at the Orbital Collector on Gas Giant due to its excessive speed.
  • Fixed the bug that the prompt text of "cargo filter" in the Traffic Monitor was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed the bug that opening the stats panel in space may trigger an error prompt.
  • Fixed the bug that the translucent background UI of Dyson Sphere Editor may be opaque.
  • Fixed the bug that the latitude and longitude of node coordinates input in the Dyson Sphere Editor may not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed the bug that in Sandbox Mode, after fast travel from planet A to planet B, the construction sound FX of planet A may still be played.
  • Fixed a bug that in Sandbox Mode, if Icarus fast travel to space while mining, he may still mining (animation).
  • Fixed a bug that in Sandbox Mode, when fast travel to a planet in the Star Map, it may directly attached to the surface of the planet.
  • Fixed the bug that in Sandbox Mode, when fast travel to a planet in the Star Map, the planet did not load in some cases.
  • Fixed the bug that the mineral UI may report errors in multi-threaded mode.
  • Fixed the bug that it may report error when the number of power grids on a single planet reaches 512.
  • Fixed the bug that in extremely difficult mode, 1) the actual consumption of Crude Oil Seep did not change with upgrades when the mineral utilization level was lower than 22; 2) Crude Oil Seep lower than level 22's actual consumption was less than original design. Some settings had to be modified, they are:
  • In Minimal Resource Mode, the initial production of Crude Oil Seep is reduced to 50% of other multipliers (in the past, the initial production of the same Crude Oil Seep is the same in all multipliers) (it will only take effect in New Game); the initial half-life period is 5 hours, which 1.1 times the consumption rate of 0.5x resource multipliers (effective directly after the update)

Thank you for your continuing support! You can send your feedback in Discord[discord.gg] and Google Form[forms.gle]! See you next time!
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.