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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello engineers, happy 2023!

Dyson Sphere Program is starting the new year with new graphics and visual effects. Let's check what we have for you today!"


  • New feature in the Conveyor Belt panel: Now you can invert the entire conveyor belt transfer direction with one click.
  • New automatic feature in Conveyor Belt construction: when building a Conveyor Belt, if the construction path crosses an existing Belt, it will automatically turn into an arch bridge shape.

  • Added planet nephogram & cloud effects for 12 types of planets.

    Mediterranean Planet

    Red Stone Planet

    Pandora Planet

  • Added magnetic susceptibility particle flow and bipolar jet effects to neutron stars.

  • Remade the ice surface of the Scarlet Ice Lake, textures and vegetation.

  • Added visual effects to the [Planetary ionosphere utilization] technology (Ray Receivers that use Graviton Lenses).

  • Modified the logic when planning conveyor belts: when planning a T-intersection of Conveyor Belts, the type of Conveyor Belt at the intersection point is no longer modified.

  • Fixed the bug that the Traffic Monitor could not be built on the single-unit Conveyor Belt.
  • Fixed a bug that generated an incorrect alert message when a Spray Coater could not be built on a single-unit Conveyor Belt.
  • Fixed the bug that when the garbage block disappeared inside the star, the warning and orientation messages of the garbage block still existed.
  • Fixed the bug that Icarus could easily get stuck into buildings.
  • Fixed the bug that the blast wave would not dissipate after power off when launching rockets from the Vertical Launching Silo.
  • Fixed the bug that the Filter panel that pops up when connecting a Logistics Station with a Conveyor Belt does not close in Blueprint mode.
  • Fixed the bug that when upgrading infinite level technology, the technology level shown in the pop-up prompt of the technology button in the lower right corner did not match the actual technology level.

Originally posted by author: As a closing note to the log, we would like to let you know how the development team is doing. Covid has seriously affected us, and more than half of the whole team is unable to work on development with normal efficiency. We will do our best to maintain the pace of work, and we appreciate your continued support for Dyson Sphere Program.

We are also excited to announce that one of our producers, Kat, is expecting a baby in late January. Yes, a new baby will be born around Dyson Sphere Program's anniversary! Please join us in sharing this joy and anticipation!