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So I love the game, and love the government features in it. I really enjoy servers that open those features up to the player base and let players run the government (since many servers just run it via admin).

There's one thing I'm wondering if I'm understanding correctly or not though, and that is land claim papers. As I understand it, the only way to claim land is using them. However, in real life, the government is sort of the "default" owner of land, and it can plan development of towns and cities and neighborhoods by selling or leasing out that land to individuals.

I guess the problem I see with trying to do this sort of government-planned-development in Eco (or even trying to play as a real estate business, where you develop a plot of land and then sell it to someone), is that the government doesn't have access to unlimited land claim papers, so if a government wanted to develop an area and plan it out, they'd have to do so by relying on individual players' land claim papers.

Do I have that right? Or is there some other way that governments on your servers have tackled this? Thanks!

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You can add a recipe to craft Land Claim Papers like we do on White-Tiger and do so at a table only the government has access to via a law. Or just spawn them a mass of them in.