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Ive been playing Eco for awhile now on both multiplayer and single player servers and ive just found to enjoy single player more because im a do it all kind of person on these games. It has been pretty confusing to try and learn literally everything and how it collabs with each other but the wiki and just reading in game has helped a fair amount.

However overtime ive noticed not matter the mods, insanely high progression rates and max skill/prof command, it still is not enough and feels impossible. I installed big shovel and increased stack sizes both carriable and in stockpiles because that should honestly be in the game, it saves hours of time alone but in my experience i had to click multiple times to dig something. Craft times were literally non-existent if you dont count the fact that the game individually transfers any amount of items at about 1/sec so you still have to wait a lot of time sometimes (just by the fact that I want everything immediate). And not lastly but one of this biggest things is that the creative-mode like commands such as /level, /land clearrubble, etc. dont function propery hardly at all. I could really give an entire list of all the problems that relate to single player progression and creative but I could be giving them too much crap since this is beta obviously.

This leads me into My next point in that if SLG hasnt already though of it, they need to implement better creative mode features and add anything that makes single player more possible. Im sure I am not asking for anything that easy when it comes to deving but surely its not impossible.

I read some stuff saying that Eco was leaving early access sometime in 2021 which is within 2 months but I dont see that being a good move for the company at all with how many bugs/issues there is with it. I imagine they could be holding onto a massive game changing update but from what ive heard from staff I dont think thats the case.

Overall I just want the game to reach its full potential (which is extremely high) and I would like to be able to progress in single player in a faster amount of time both with cheats and without cheats. I dont know much about game developing and sales but the game just doesnt seem ready in that time span and maybe even a years time span and especially if the game launched officially in any state similar to the current I dont think it would leave a good impression on new buyers unless they can play through everything like everyone else.(I wouldve talked about the fact that this game currently has practically no informational/how to videos on YT but ive already wrote an essay and that isnt there fault).

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read the whole thing.

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As other players have already explained quite well, Eco was never and is not intended to be played in Singleplayer, but in a (random / public) multiplayer environment. We do offer configuration options for singleplayer (and multiplayer) worlds that allow you to change resource costs / crafting time / skill gain and pretty much everything to something you like more, our defaults are just what works for an average eco player (and those are generally more tolerable to grind), but there is no way to have a default ready for every potential playstyle and personal preference.

In any case, it's absolutely not impossible, including without mods and on our low collaboration preset to beat the game. Many people do that and yes it does have some grind and will always be a totally different gameplay than on multiplayer.

I've got good news at least in regards to creative mode, as that is planned. We also won't leave EA this year, as the last two years were a heavy ride for us, but we haven't yet set a new date, so there is not really something I could say at this point.