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Instead of taking part in the work party, he decided, sure, I'll do the part that only I can do, and put the papers up for sale in his shop, at a price where no one could afford to buy all 10 (just for oil drilling, no telling if/when we'll ever get to the rest). 3 of us chipped in to buy the 10. Is this normal, is it accepted, or is it defeating the purpose of the game?

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So, this is why it is important to have more than one person who can supply/supplies the community… it’s called supply and demand. AND… if there is a monopoly, he who holds the golden egg (the guy/gal who has what you want) sets the price. Henceforth, why a balanced economy is highly important… you have to make it competitive. Or… completely restrict the ability to price gouge, in which case, the affected person will probably shut down production and move on, leaving you the choice to do without or make a “competitor“ which then becomes the new monopoly. And a vicious cycle… so, make competition. Don’t restrict…

Regulate instead of restriction. Governments have a whole lot of options, including carrots instead of sticks.