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That looks suspiciously like our barge coming in 10.0, very much actually. Did they use our assets? (That is okay for Dev Tier users if they state it as info on their server - but it cannot be released)

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Hey all, thanks its1700somewhere for sharing!! This is a boats mod for Eco that myself and our community at eCore / OpenMods.io (site coming soon, wiki under way) have worked on.

There was a slight misframing - what is meant is that this does not represent the final product by SLG; rather than this is not SLG's asset. This is absolutely a fantastic asset made 100% by SLG. The details they've put into it are incredible - controllable ramps, what appears to be a hook-line for linear transport, and more. I feel bad spoiling it so soon but we have their blessings, and there was just a misunderstanding here in framing this mod.

So to be crystal clear, this is using Eco boats assets, and a lot of Eco boat code. All contributors had Dev Tier access, which is a very reasonable request by SLG. Unfortunately this means we cannot release the mod. We are considering spinning up multiple server types and regions, though, to support players having a try at boats. Our servers, and thus mods, focus on society simulation and figuring out the late game question.

If interested in other mods we produce, and the work we do as a community to make players healthier, happier, wealthier and more socially connected, then you're welcome to:

Yeh, that went a bit bad, especially given our regulations are so that this is not happening.I will keep your post with this statement around for a day, but then delete the whole post, as the confusal is just too high. As I read the OP he's saying this is not made by SLG, which it is.